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Hiking in the Villnöss - Funes Valley!
... Hiking suggestions starting at Hotel Stern, Tiso

Historical and Pleasurable Round-Trip Hikes

Hiking trail starting from Tiso. From the center of Teis/Tiso (960 m above sea-level), this hike will take you along Trail No. 11. Proceeding along Trail No. 11, you will pass by the Weather Cross Hill of Nafen/Nave and an ancient chestnut tree (under protection) until you reach the little St. Bartholomew Church of Nafen/Nave (806 m above sea-level). Proceeding along the medieval Burial Trail No. 4, you will descend to the Totenstein ("Death's Stone") and the "Ice Holes," before passing through the fruit orchards and arriving at Albeins/Albes. From the center of Albeins/Albes (580 m above sea-level), you should take Forest Trail No. 9 and ascend to the Kasseroler Hof (838 m above sea-level) – the location of an ancient settlement. From here, you can proceed to the Schneggenbach-Graben and via a short "Waalweg" (irrigation path) to a pond and then back to Teis/Tiso.

Trail numbers: 11, 4, 9
Duration: 3 hours
Level of difficulty: easy

Gratschenberg Round-Trip Hike

This round-trip hike will take you through an especially scenic landscape, with a magnificent view of the valley basin of Brixen/Bressanone (see picture depicting the Cathedral of Brixen/Bressanone).Besides the crossing of four streams in the shady spruce mixed forest, nature lovers will appreciate the "Brünnl" ("little well") beneath the olive tree hill near Schneggenbach, the Gneller Hof (recognized as an historical monument), the idyllic "Stallboden," and a botanical instruction path established by the schoolchildren of Teis/Tiso. From Teis/Tiso (962 m above sea-level), you should first ascend via the Forest Road (Trail No. 7) to the Gneller Hof (1,042 m above sea-level). From here, you will continue past the Gratschenberg until you reach the "Stallboden" (at 1,155 m above sea-level) and finally return via the Forest Road (Trail No. 7) to Teis/Tiso.

Trail numbers: 7
Duration: 2 hours
Level of difficulty: easy

Zanser Alm - Schlüter Hut – Kreuzjoch / Passo Furcia:

From the Zanser Alm parking lot (1,685 m above sea-level), take Trail No. 25 (which runs along the Kasseriller Brook). The continue along Trail No. 32. You will pass by the Kaserill Hut (1,920 m above sea-level). Follow Trail No. 31A until you reach the Gampen-Alm (2,062 m above sea-level). From here, you can take Trail No. 33 to the Schlüter Hut (2,297 m above sea-level) and then take High Trail No. 3 to the south to the Sobutsch/Sobuccio Ridge (2,421 m above sea-level). The climbing trail continues to the Kreuzjoch / Passo Furcia (2,293 m above sea-level). From here, take Trail No. 6 to the west in order to reach the Tschantschenon Meadow (1,928 m above sea-level). Continue to the Zanser Alm parking lot.

Trail numbers: 25, 32, 31A, 33, 3, 6
Duration: 4 hours
Level of difficulty: medium

Hiking suggestions for fixed rope routes in the vicinity:

Sas Rigais - Secured Climbing Trail

The Sas Rigais is on every mountain-climber's wish-list of summits, and it's really exhilarating to climb it. It is highly recommended that one use a climbing belt allowing the climber to secure himse.

Trail numbers: 28, 29
Duration: 8 hours
Level of difficulty: difficult

From the summit, you can enjoy a delightful panoramic view. From the Ranui parking lot (1,370 m above sea-level), proceed along Trail No. 28 next to the Kliefer Brook. At an altitude of 1,716 meters, you'll arrive at a crossing. Turn into Trail No. 29 at the left and proceed into the Mittagsscharte/ Forcella di Mezzodi (2,597 m above sea-level). From here, you can take the secured climbing trail an climb to the summit of the Sas Rigais (3,025 m above sea-level). Return to the Ranui parking lot the same way.

Günther Messner path with ascent to Tulln

Particularities: Alpine high-mountain trip with short climbing passages. Description: From the Zanser Alm across the upper “Herrensteig” to the Günther Messner path (2,232 metres). Following the marking of the GM path in a north-easterly direction and turn left (signpost). In 1.5 hrs, you will reach the Tulln (2,653 metres). Return journey: back to the Günther Messner path. Follow the path until you come to the Schlüter Hut (2.5 hrs). On path numbers 35 and 32 down to the Gampenalm and from there, in 1.5 hrs. back to the Zanser Alm.

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